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Bakers Twine

Original candy stripe 'Beautiful Baker's Twine'. Made in England by James Lever, Bolton. Various colours and lengths available.

Solid Colour Bakers Twine

Bakers Twines Solid Coloured 'Beautiful Baker's Twine'. A wide range of colours and lengths available. Made in the UK by Everlasto, Bolton.

Two-Tone Bakers Twine

Everlasto 'Beautiful Baker's Twine'. A range of two-tone combinations in various lengths. Made by James Lever, Bolton, England.

Tri-Colour Bakers Twine

'Beautiful Baker's Twine' tri-colour combinations in various lengths. Made in the UK by Everlasto, Bolton, England.

Sparkle Bakers Twine

Sparkle Baker's Twine  - Ideal for Christmas and Special Occasions


Metallic Bakers Twine

 Beautiful Baker's Twine - A range of gorgeous twines in subtle metallic colours, manufactured in the UK by James Lever of Bolton.

Chunky Bakers Twine

A 'chunky' 4mm alternative to the standard Beautiful Baker's Twine. Made by James Lever, Bolton. Various lengths available.

Bakers Twine Finest

'Beautiful Baker's Twine Finest' A range of solid coloured and sparkle baker's twines 1mm in diameter,  thinner than the Original bakers twine. Different  lengths available. Made in the UK by Everlasto, Bolton.

Jute Craft Twine

 Craft twines UK manufactured coloured jute available in a range of colours - ideal for crafting projects


Polypropylene Twine

 A range of strong rot proof 'Everlasto' polypropylene twines in a large range of colours

Butchers Twine

 Range of Rayon Twines - multi purpose twines are ideal for meat preperation and general kitchen use.

Sisal Twine

 Superior quality 2 ply natural sisal twine. Ideal for use as a general packaging twine

Garden Twines

 Extensive range of natural and synthetic garden twines for horticulural use 


Whipping Twine

Waxed polyester twisted whipping twine for use with synthetic ropes 


Flax Twine

Use in upholstery, general craft projects and as a whipping twine for smaller diameter ropes

Cotton String

 Everlasto quality natural cotton string. Great for wrapping, tying, food servicing, advertisng, toys

Polyhemp Twine

A synthetic twine but the feel and appearance of natural hemp twine. Ideal for use in upholstery and crafting

Decorative Ribbon Twine

Decorative viscose tying ribbon. Soft like silk, a decorative ribbon twine is ideal for use in decorative and craft work

Builders Line

Orange three strand twisted polyethylene builders line. Perfect for use in brick laying for ensuring a clearly visible line between two points.