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Coloured Polypropylene Rope

A range of Everlasto coloured polypropylene rope available in white, red, green, yellow, orange and black in 6,8,10,12 and 16mm.

Blue Polypropylene Ropes

A range of Everlasto standard blue polypropylene rope form 6mm to 32mm, various lengths available.

Polypropylene Handy Coils

Handy coils of blue polypropylene rope in 6mm 8mm and 10mm. The ideal general purpose compact coils.

Lorry Rope

 Everlasto blue polypropylene lorry rope complete with eye splices ideal for securing down loads.


Polyhemp/Hempex Rope

A range of Everlasto polyhemp/hempex synthetic hemp rope from 6 to 32mm. A synthetic rope with the look and feel of natural hemp rope.

Cricket Boundary Rope

 Quality Cricket Boundary Ropes a super strong UV stablised boundary rope 

Staple Spun Polypropylene

High strength staple spun polypropylene rope ideal for use in slings and many lifting and securing applications. Resistant to rot and chemicals for long lasting performance.